Don’t go see Marie Antoinette…

…if you’re looking for a documentary-style history of pre-revolutionary France.

…if you hate movies that don’t take historical characters “seriously” enough.

…if you are offended by the portrayal of adultery when it really did happen.

…if you need lots of special effects to keep you interested.

…if you are sickened by the sight of a sea of flower-print gowns.

However, DO go see Marie Antoinette…

…if you like Kirsten Dunst.

…if you are interested in character development more than a fast-moving plot.

…if you like cool, indie music.

…if watching harpies make digs at people cracks you up.

…if you want a different perspective on the key players at the end of the French monarchy.

…if you like Sofia Coppola.

…if you think slightly bawdy old grandfather-types are hilarious.

…and finally, if you’re not boring.


5 thoughts on “Don’t go see Marie Antoinette…

  1. As well you should. 🙂 Just kidding.

    Maybe we could go to the movie this weekend? I might know some people interested…matinees are great, since they're cheaper…

    Email me.

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