Ode to ClustrMaps

Leslie’s got folks in Japan and Johannesburg
I haven’t got quite so many, I fear.
One who’s in London and someone in Louisville —
Where is Phil’s Oz hit? My brother’s? Oh dear!

Someday quite soon I shall have dots aplenty, friends.
Someday I hope to show red orbs galore!
But till that day I’ll have no notoriety.
Please, ClustrMap, I want hits! Give me more!


6 thoughts on “Ode to ClustrMaps

  1. Uhhh… can you not see the map under the links on the right side of the page? That's a ClustrMap. And if you go to Leslie's blog, you'll see hers as well.

  2. The ode to ClustrMap is hilarious! And what a fascinating rhyme and rythm scheme you chose! Is that anapestic tetrameter/trimeter?

    I say again, fascinating! Funny, too!

    BTW, how come it doesn't register me as from Colorado?

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