At least say hi, visitors, even if you don’t comment on the topic! I now have StatCounter!

Also, the show at Sunergos tonight was great: Jamie Barnes, Nick Nye, Brooks Ritter (isn’t that a cool name?) and… oh, dear. Someone else, but I didn’t know him. Sojourn artists represent!


8 thoughts on “Seriously…

  1. Hi! This is me, saying, “Hi!”

    I too have serious concerns about the vagueness of the Hillsongs Church statement of faith. I would rather stick with the New Hampshire Confession, which is the one the church I pastor has.

  2. I'd be happy if anybody ever even READ my blog. I think I've had like three comments the whole time I've been posting, like all together.

    So . . . that means you have more comments to THIS POST than I have on my whole blog.

    Thank God for His grace!!

  3. Ok. Hi.

    I read your comment on Alan Cross' blog. You look pretty young to be so perceptive.

    We have lots and lots of pharisees and gnostics and theologians and exegetists and apologists and authors and DMins and scholars around today. What we seem to lack is guys like David, who danced and leaped and twirled before the ark all the while in some state of undress. God, by the way, seemed to have enjoyed his antics but not Michal's reaction, judging by His reaction when Michal (herself the daughter of a king and the wife of a king) expressed her displeasure at his actions.

    I'm a David wannabe, myself.

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