Quote of the Day

Church people, by and large, are more than willing to avoid major changes regardless of how many people are dying and going to hell around them. We have confused church culture with church calling, believing that the way we “do church” is what Jesus died to save.

—Marty Duren


3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Most people who see themselves as normal (where I live), are not Christian and are trying to seperate themselves from many religious and social ideas their grandparents had. Their new religion is conservation of the planet, not using plastic bags, and telling others to walk rather than drive. And also telling the government to reform, giving gay rights etc… Because these 'normal' people are such a large group, when they talk they expect a very large audience. They are in the world, and of the world. The earth is our mother, we are our own God, and when we die that is it. Nothing. etc…

    But as church people have a different view, represented by a small (and maybe decreasing?) number, we don't expect to be heard or on TV. We are neither of or in the world. Some Christians may have tried to insulate themselves from the world, makeing church a closed group.

    But Christians should be in the world, making a difference. The salt of the earth. They should be people in the world, that shine and make a difference.

    Some church culture only serves to insulate those within, and confuse or stop outsiders. If so, it should be kicked away.

  2. That was the most profound thing you've ever said, as far as I know. Well done you.

    I'm writing my Ethics final paper on the Environment and our responsibility to it as Christians. Clearly there's a little lefty inside me just dying to get out.

  3. Some random thoughts:
    My church started by leaving the mother church because it had just a few too many cultural obsticals to get new people in. Not to mention physical obsticals (yes they had little doors on the pews.) A very old fashioned church building, pipe organ and the works. As young people, we really needed to get out and “do church” differently.

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