The 101st Post!

Wow. Now that nobody reads my blog basically ever, I’ve hit 101 posts. Crazy. So here’s a random list of touristy things I’ve never done whilst in other countries.

I have never:
1. Worn socks with sandals (MIKE!)
2. Taken pictures of people without their permission
3. Sported a Hawaiian shirt
4. Worn tube socks
5. Worn shorts (no, really. I hate shorts, and rarely wear them at all, but never ever in another country)
6. Said, “Hey, doesn’t anybody here speak English?”
7. Turned my nose up at food put in front of me
8. Asked, “What the heck is this?” about the food put in front of me
9. Asked directions to the nearest McDonald’s
10. Walked around with a camera around my neck
11. Taken a photo of someone “holding” a monument in their palm… well, OK, once, but it was toward the end of our trip to Europe when we were all a bit punchy from exhaustion and sick to death of Japanese tourists dashing from one gorgeous locale to another, standing still just long enough to snap a picture of their travel partners “holding” Neuschwanstein or whatever in their hand — not even long enough to look (and I mean, really, they could have stopped by a photo kiosk in Tokyo and saved the plane fare) — so I took a picture of my mom holding an Irish passage tomb, and she really looks more like a Price is Right girl presenting it, because she was too close to it.

Anyway, you get the idea…

101 posts! Go me!


7 thoughts on “The 101st Post!

  1. But I read your blog. And I like it a lot.

    Debbie reads it. Rabbie reads it. And so does Christine, and some other people too.

    So there.

    And didn't YOU hold Neuschwanstein in your hand as a way of mocking the several dozen Asian tourists there who were doing that? Or not?

  2. HI, im just a stranger.
    i found your blog while looking up some spurgeon info ( i found a few good libraries of his stuff)

    hmm, if you went to the boyce seminary you might know a friend of mine (cody mcnutt) just recently married pastor of a church in your area. as well as alumni of boyce.

    uh….i went off topic….i just wanted to say i also read your blog
    from time to timt

  3. Dad, no, only the passage tomb, and mom did it. I was too terrified of plummeting to my death from that bridge over Neuschwanstein to do anything funny and mocking.

  4. aqqppnI'm afraid I have not read all 101 posts. But I thought you were going to list 101 things? You only got up to 11.

    Things I have done in other countries:
    Pulled over by police.
    Taken to police station.
    Took pictures of police arresting people.
    Took pictures of a homeless person making noises like a seagull.
    Told off by police for loitering outside a elementry school.
    Took photos of a Jap tourest taking pictures of other Japanese tourests.
    Camped on farms, sneaking out at sunrise.

  5. Jonny, 101 things I've never done in other countries would get to be a pretty esoteric list (like: I have never been a dude in another country. Not once). I just ran out of stuff that seems typically “touristy.”

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