May this be our rallying cry…

Only the formal principle of biblical authority — sola scriptura — can bring reformation to bureaucratic ecclesial structures swollen fat, evangelistically lethargic, and drunk on their own traditions. Only an exclusive commitment to Christ — solo Christo — can unite the Body of Christ together in common surrender to the Lordship of God’s Only Begotten Son. Only the doctrine of justification by faith alone — sola fide — can anchor diverse methods of gospel proclamation to the truth without which men will surely perish. Only God’s redeeming grace — sola gratia — can restore purpose and fruitfulness to a convention whose evangelical arrogance and triumphalism have robbed her of authentic holiness, sweet revival fervor, and blessed spiritual unity in truths commonly held by all who follow the Crucified One. Finally, only God’s glory — soli Deo gloria — is a sufficient rationale to invest one’s life in pursuit of denominational reform. All who seek the vainglorious satisfactions of ambitious men will suffer their inescapable fates in due time. The Triune God will share his glory with no other, and that includes the Southern Baptist Convention.

–Ben Cole,


4 thoughts on “May this be our rallying cry…

  1. Interesting that you should post this. I was just thinking about the development (and publication for the members) of our church's values, and chief on the list I intend to put “The Five Solas.”

    As an aside, I shudder to think how ABCUSA would stand up against such a plumbline as these five essential affirmations.

  2. Haha… yes. But I was referring more generally to the final sentence — that we as believers would have the Glory of God constantly in our field of vision, rather than the fame of our particular denomination.

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