How many things are necessary for thee to know,
that thou, enjoying this comfort,
mayest live and die happily?

the first, how great my sins and miseries are;
the second, how I may be delivered from all my sins and miseries;
the third, how I shall express my gratitude to God for such deliverance.

–Heidelberg Catechism


2 thoughts on “

  1. Three in one, one in three, God of my salvation,
    Heavenly Father, Blessed Son, eternal Spirit,
    I adore thee as one Being, one Essence,
    one God in three distinct Persons,
    for bringing sinners to thy knowledge and to thy kingdom.

    O Father, thou hast loved me and sent Jesus to redeem me;

    O Jesus, thou hast loved me and assumed my nature,
    shed thine own blood to wash away my sins,
    wrought righteousness to cover my unworthiness;

    O Holy Spirit, thou hast loved me and entered my heart,
    implanted there eternal life,
    revealed to me the glories of Jesus.

    Three Persons and one God, I bless and praise thee,
    for love so unmerited, so unspeakable, so wondrous,
    so mighty to save the lost and raise them to glory!

    from The Valley of Vision

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