Just to Clarify

I still think Obama is going to be the next president (…which, I guess isn’t all that bad. I like the guy’s earnestness and vision. Better than four more years of Billary, the Power Couple President. Ugh. And I told mom yesterday or the day before that I think he would be this generation’s JFK — a traditional democrat, and handsome, charismatic, earnest, personable — with all the “issues” that would raise) but I think the odds took a major turn with yesterday’s announcement. Before yesterday I would have laid 5-to-1 against McCain, or any Republican, getting elected. Now, I would say probably 2-to-1.

And now I have this stuck in my head.


7 thoughts on “Just to Clarify

  1. Romney didn't have a chance as long as Huckabee kept playing spoiler, so his quick exit makes little difference. The Republicans know that McCain will have to do, but there will be no joyful unity over him even with a Huckaveep.

    I thought from the “Guys and Dolls” song that you had some mushy X factor regarding either Obama or McCain, but that apparently is not the case.

    Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

    (Please ignore if this is a duplicate post. That was a tough CAPTCHA!)

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