An Idea So Crazy It Just Might Work

This is Australia. Duh.

It also is a cartographic representation of what might be my Spring/Summer (or, Fall/Winter, for you Aussies) activity this year. What a strange turn of events. Christine and I were chatting last night, when I told her about a funny comments-conversation I had with Neil and Craig, in which they jokingly said we ought to start a “bring Laura to Oz” fund, har har har, wouldn’t that be cool? Christine, ever practical, replied, “Well, why not?” After a bit of a stunned pause, I thought, “Why not indeed?”

So, it would seem, there are three things that must happen before I could be on my way to Australia for six weeks (apart from finding my doggone passport, of course):

1. Secure a teaching job for the fall.
2. Find a girl who needs a place to live for 3 months (since I would be spending another six or 8 weeks at home in Colorado in addition to the six weeks I’d be in Australia).
3. Get enough fundage to purchase airfare for me from Denver to Sydney/Hobart and back. And back, Christine (who is currently trying to apply for a spouse visa on my behalf, just in case)!!

Christine says that I am only responsible for 1 and 2, and that she is taking full responsibility for number 3; to that end, she has even started a Facebook group called “Bring Laura Down Under” to help get the word out! Ha! Don’t I have the world’s greatest friends? I keep telling you all this but I’m not sure that you get it yet.

Well, check out the Facebook group if you like. Even throw some money Christine’s way if you like! And most of all, pray that 1 and 2 would fall into place so that I can go see my dear dear friends in their far-away home!


24 thoughts on “An Idea So Crazy It Just Might Work

  1. HAHA… the spouse visa thing is a joke. “Just in case” — meaning Christine is determined to marry me off while I'm there so I'll stay.

    Re-emphasizing. Joke, everyone. Especially you, mom.

  2. Whatever. If I taught at one of the Catholic schools it would be English, but if I taught at the Classical school it would more likely be elementary level, which means I'd be teaching everything except Latin. I think it'd be fun to teach history, grammar, math, whatever… yay! πŸ™‚

  3. Well, then as one who is looking for a job as a logic or rhetoric level teacher, I'm glad we're not competing. Still, there are plenty of advertisements for elementary/grammar-stage teachers (more than anything else from what I've seen), so I'm sure you will find something.

  4. I actually have it on good authority that the classical school where I'm applying is going to be in need of an upper school church history and Bible teacher. That is, if stifling humidity, freezing rain, labyrinthine streets and horse racing appeal to you.

  5. I grew up in Northern Missouri and went to college in Michigan. I don't think freezing rain and humidity are going to be all that new! What's the name of the school?

  6. Wow, that's really cool! I might be going Down Under as well. Well, I've already been once but hope to go back. Aussies are super friendly, at least in my experience. Also, there are solid evangelical, Reformed churches, too. Anyway, I hope you have a good trip! Let us know how it was when you get back?

  7. Well I guess if you are coming here, I could give you a few tips to minimise the shock. Have you ever seen Australian movies or the like? ('Love Actualy' is not Australian, and it's really bad.) Ever tryed talking Australian? It's actualy quite hard to understand.

  8. By the looks of the blogs you link to from Australia I'm sure you would understand people here.

    Hope the trip happens and you have a great time.

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