My Wildcats missed their last-second three and walked away with a 57-59 loss to #1 seed Kansas, putting four number ones in the Final Four for the first time in NCAA history.

(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

And you know a player is brilliant when you shake your head and say, “Boy, he was cold this game…” and he’s made 25 points. Poor Steph. The good news is that Steph is only a sophomore, and has two more years to take Davidson to the big time.

They played their butts off, but couldn’t shake Kansas’ brutal triple-team defense of Curry in the last few seconds. Their crack shooter couldn’t take his last, game-saving three. It was a heartbreaker.



  1. That's rough! Poor Davidson. I'll keep an eye out for Curry in the future – thanks for giving him some attention for us Australian readers! The only info we get on up-and-coming ballers is in the Punks section of SLAM magazine. And they tend to focus on high schoolers mostly.

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