Changing Gears…

Hey friends, thanks for bearing with my March Madness obsession for the last few days! This is just a warning that, since tomorrow marks the beginning of National Poetry Month, the sports talk is going to give way to something a little more sophisticated (although Steph Curry’s basketball playing was pretty sophisticated, if you ask me!).

This is just the buffer post. I hear a too-sudden change of topics can cause blogsplosion.


3 thoughts on “Changing Gears…

  1. Things are exciting around here because the first Diamond Backs game was today….now if only I could develop something resembling enthusiasm for sports (Ultimate frisbee aside).

  2. I think I've only theen it onthe —
    And that, in National Poetry Month —
    When April'th thanity overtook
    March Madnethth'th thportth gobbledygook;
    And thuth I welcome thethe April dayth
    That finally end the roundball crathe;
    For though I'm Hoothier born and bred,
    My bracket ith ath good ath dead!

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