I ran across an interesting “combating doubt” post/link on JT’s blog, and it reminded me of something Chandi Plummer encouraged me to do whenever I struggled with fear or false thinking. I found it to be a very helpful exercise in those areas and I’m sure it would be for times of doubt as well! I adapted the original using Chandi’s suggestions.

(1) Identify the source of the doubt (fear, false thought) — not just the immediate source but the ultimate source! Who is the father of lies? And what does the Scripture say about the deceitfulness of sin and the wickedness of our hearts?

(2) Identify the underlying assumptions about God’s goodness, myself, the sufficiency of Christ, etc.

(3) Raise doubts about the doubt (fear, false thought). Challenge it. Say NO to it!

(4) Replace the assumption with a more biblical one. Remind your mind and heart of God’s truth.


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