OK, It’s late, but…

Quick rant:

What is up with guys doing covert ops on girls they’re interested in? You know what our parents called it when a guy was getting to know a girl he was interested in? They called it DATING. Because they were DATING. Gosh.

Is it really so hard to walk up to a girl and say, “Hey, would you like to have a coffee this Saturday afternoon?” Surely it cannot possibly be as complicated as spending six months scoping her out, trying to get the skinny on her from all her friends via your friends, hemming and hawing around, sending her name out to the prayer committee at your parents’ church, confessing to your accountability partner that you think she’s hot, casually and vaguely mentioning group outings in her presence… all the while planning to ambush her with a carefully scripted speech. It’s like sleight-of-hand dating: Now, look here, nothing in my hand, look closely, and… PRESTO! I pulled a coin from your ear! I mean, WE’RE DATING!

Just. Say. No.


14 thoughts on “OK, It’s late, but…

  1. Heh heh awesome πŸ™‚

    I hope he reads your blog! Because the points you make are very fair. Be a man! Take responsibility for your emotions! If you're worried about rejection, you need to man up! Heh.

  2. Phil — lucky for you it only takes one yes, huh? πŸ˜‰

    Angus — it only happened to me once, like two years ago. But it does seem to happen a fair bit to my friends, AND on another blog a dude recommended being “strategic” in snagging a girl. Whatever that means.

    Rad — dunno. It's definitely a Christian-guy thing at least in my circles. Is it NOT an Australian thing? I thought “adultolescence” was pretty universal these days.

  3. One justification I've heard for snooping around is based on a desire to avoid an awkward situation if you don't know if person of interest is seeing anyone. I can understand that concern, but it still smells of jr. high.

  4. Sure, I get that too, but there's a really quick way of finding out if she's seeing someone. Ask her to have coffee with you, and if she's seeing someone, she'll say, “Actually, I'm already seeing someone.”

    The problem arises because it used to be that men didn't ask women for one-on-one time unless they had a romantic interest. Now, it's tough for us ladies to interpret what a guy means if he says, “Hey, let's hang out sometime!” because most of us have already had painful dealings with the dreaded hanger-outer-types.

  5. Laura, I am glad that you are dating again.

    I read that one church encouraged their girls to go on 3 dates with the same guy before turning him down, just to check. I think it is useful advice.

  6. Jonny, I think you are a brilliant satirist. And what do you mean by “again”?? Like I swore off dating for awhile or something?

    Everyone else, in case you couldn't gather this, I am NOT dating anyone. Thank you. Carry on.

  7. Amen Sister Pooh!Hmmm by the way this is Jenn not Dave…betcha gathered that=) Seriously, she's not dating…all I'm saying is that she's a catch!

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