Single Women in the Church

Craig wrote a little paragraph a few days ago asking how the church can do a better job ministering to “older” (meaning 30+) single women. 71 comments later (as of this posting), there have been some dynamite suggestions and some brutally honest critiques as well. I would highly recommend reading the entire thread — especially if you’re in church ministry of any kind. It’s very revealing of the pain and struggles unmarried women go through, and amazingly gracious and balanced despite its length. This one has so far defied Godwin’s Law.


7 thoughts on “Single Women in the Church

  1. JD… Hitler was a single sociopath. I would say that means that being a sociopath is bad, Mr. Smug Engaged-to-Someone. :p And yes, I've seen that xkcd. Best webcomic ever!

    Gary… HAHA!! You are so awesome.

    Terra, seriously I am the worst friend of all time. I'll call you after school. I'm going to write it on my hand right now. For real.

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