Hey, Techie Peeps,

Is there any way to find out WHO follows me on Google reader?  I know how many people there are (when you unsubscribe it tells you how many) but I’m dying to know who.  There must be some way.  Or is this the final frontier of anonymity in our social-networking Brave New World?


11 thoughts on “Hey, Techie Peeps,

  1. There's a way:
    Go to your google reader
    Click on “Your Stuff” (left menu, near the top)
    You should see a link in the window on the right, near your picture, that says “## people are following you”
    Click on that and you'll see the list of people.

  2. Okay I am totally confused and feel like a n00b but I can't see where to do it. Oh well! 17 is good. I just hope those 17 people get a little bit of happiness in their heart when they see the little '1' pop up next to Did I Say I'm Just A Boy 😉

  3. Hmm…I don't think I know what you mean. What else are you posting that people could be following in Google reader?

    Also, have you looked into getting some kind of hit counter? I use sitemeter's free service – http://www.sitemeter.com. I got the idea from Sarah Cosper's blog. It's pretty cool. I dropped their little bit of code onto my blog and now I can see how many hits I get at what time, how many pages were viewed, how long they were on, where they live (or at least where their internet provider lives), etc.

  4. RED. I use statcounter. I'm pretty pleased with it — I like being able to label IP addresses. I just labeled yours a few minutes ago!

    OK, so when I un-then-re-subscribe to my blog, I see that there are 18 people who use google reader to subscribe. There are 11 people “following me” via google/gmail/blogger, but I know for a fact that they are not the same group of people. I don't care who follows me as in my google account, but I want to know who's looking on google reader.

    I'd love to be able to find out who's following me in RSS or another non-google feed reader, but I don't know that that's possible.

    Also, I miss you! I feel like I never see you… probably because I never see you. When's the next time you're singing at the East end?

  5. Hey there,
    I am one of the mysterious subscribers of your blog. You can easily see how many subscribers you have in google reader if you click “show details” near the top right when in your own blog, or see how many subscribers other people have when in their blog. But I don't think there is a way to find out who they are …

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