And An Update At Long Last

Hey y’all, as usual I’ve hit the Crazy Time at the end of the school year, and haven’t had the time or energy to post.  Only two weeks left of school!  Here’s what’s been going down:

My students, God love ’em, have been going crazy writing their end-of-year thesis papers.  We use this curriculum, The Lost Tools of Writing, about which I was extremely skeptical at first.  Having taught it for a year now, I’ve changed my tune — it’s terrific.  I can’t imagine a more valuable program for helping kids do every single part of a paper, from coming up with ideas to fine-tuning their sentences. 

I’ve gotten a little obsessed with Australian Rules Football (which, fyi, is neither soccer nor rugby) in the last week. I got to see an old Tassie friend last weekend when he came up to play against the Louisville Aussie Rules team, and it was so much fun that I’ve been watching games on ESPN3 to try to pick a team to follow.  My friend Kate (mum to Pablo) is a Carlton supporter but says I have the freedom in Christ to support any team except Collingwood.  It’s nice to be able to shut my brain off for a little bit while I’m watching the games!

I participated (briefly and with much eye-rolling) in a little dustup in the comments section of a post by well-known worship music writer Stephen Altrogge called How To Write An Awful Worship Song.  As usual, a few humorless trolls came and took a tongue-in-cheek post and started making accusations and dropping big words like “judgmental.”

I’m starting to get really, really, REALLY excited about going back to Australia in less than two months!!  Yes, I’ll be there in the dead of winter, but I’m super pumped to see everyone.  I’ve been thinking about all the fun stuff I’ll get to do… and “fun” in my universe is best defined by good food, good drink, good friends, and maybe some footy on the tv.  What could be better on a cold winter night?


10 thoughts on “And An Update At Long Last

  1. As a Collingwood supporter, I say jump on board! We've even got an American player on the books! Don't got for Sydney, they've got a Canadian.

    There is an AFL game on in Tasmania when you are down – July 17 I think. It might be tough to get a seat because Brisbane are coming down to play Hawthorn, and everyone wants to see Brisbane's new recruit Brendan Fevola playing with key big man Jonathan Brown. But we can try! It'd be great!

  2. OSO, I'm dying to see more than just Hobart this trip. Not that I don't love Hobart, because I do, but I think I should get out more this time around. So… maybe? 🙂

    Angus. YES. If you start looking for tickets now… OMG. I'm sort of freaking out. Except stupid FEV, what a douchehound. I am ALL caught up on that drama. And I can't support Collingwood, or else Kate will stop speaking to me!

  3. You know what, Laura? I actually support the Richmond Tigers. My local SFFL (Southern Feline Football League) is affiliated with them – the West Hobart Tigers. And one of Tasmania's favourite sons, Matthew 'Richo' Richardson, used to play for them. We're having a lean year… decade… quarter-century… but we'll come good.

    BTW, you are TOTALLY free in Christ to support Collingwood. But I don't know why you would. And you should definitely try and go to that game… even if it's only to point and laugh a Fev.

  4. Ooh, sorry I got you wrong, Pabsy! I totally forgot about the West Hobart Tigers!

    I've been watching the Brisbane-Geelong game this arvo (haha, Aussie slang) and have been doing my fair share of laughing at Fev.

  5. Okay Laura I'll look into the dates and tickets. I'll see if I can scam some from work, maybe in a box or something. You know… I could probably get a story about you in the paper if we can get you along there…

  6. Send an email if you want to visit Newcastle. I'll have to pass the idea past my wife though before making it definite – but we love having visitors and I'm sure she won't mind and the kids will probably think it is great too.

  7. Angus! AAACK! SO EXCITED!! Woot!

    Neil, that is the MOST complicated email address I think I've ever seen. Let me shoot an email to my host and get back to you. 🙂 Thanks so much for the invitation!

    LOL, the captcha is “balls”. Appropriate for your footy team, Angus.

  8. I am sure you will have a wonderful time in Tasmania – how could you not ;)? We probably won't cross paths now that I'm not at Crossroads, but feel free to drop in anytime or sleepover on that comfy spare bed again!

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