Among American Christians, choosing where (or IF) to send your kids to school has become this almost comically fraught decision of unparalleled theological significance.  If you listen to certain folks, your children’s eventual salvation basically hinges on making the right choice in this area (the huge number of publicly educated Christian adults, yours truly included, notwithstanding). 

You’ve got a small but vocal group of Christians loudly decrying “government indoctrination facilities,” people saying you don’t care about the poor if you pull your kids out of public schools, anti-homeschooling blogs dedicated to making parents feel incompetent and irresponsible for daring to think they can educate their own children, Christian schools of every stripe, from Montessoris to classical schools and from public school look-alikes to ultra-rigorous mini-seminaries… all of them clamoring for parents’ attention.  How are we supposed to see through the confused haze of claims and caveats?  Here’s my little tidbit of advice as a teacher at a fantastic private school who doesn’t actually really care all that much about how you educate your own children ;).

1. Chill out.  Is your child’s education important?  Definitely.  Is it THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER OH MY GOSH YOU’RE DOING IT WROOOOOOONNNG ? Um, no.

2. Remember that your identity, your hope, your salvation are in Christ, not in subscribing to a particular educational methodology, not in being “right,” not in trying to create an ideal situation.

3. Then sit down, write out a pros and cons list, and make the best decision for your family.  There’s no need to wait for a sign or to feel God “releasing” you to do X, Y, or Z or to “have peace” about it.  Your life, Christian, is spiritual.  You have the Holy Spirit actually dwelling in you to guide your steps.  You have a sovereign, good, and gracious Father who knows the end from the beginning and whose plans are for your good and His glory.  You have a faithful Savior interceding on your behalf before God.  You have nothing to worry about.  Work, because God is already at work.

Just my two (or maybe four) cents.


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