Lent, Day 18: Downton Abbey!

I am a sucker for the English Country House setting in books, movies, and TV. Murder mysteries, upstairs-downstairs type stuff, overwrought dramas — you name it, I’ll watch it if it’s set pre-1940 at a country estate. So when I found out that Julian Fellowes, who wrote the screenplay for my absolute favorite movie (as well as for the heart-stoppingly beautiful The Young Victoria), had developed and written a Masterpiece Classics miniseries about a pre-WWI aristocratic English family with three eligible daughters and an entailed estate, I was sold. It’s called Downton Abbey, and all you need to know is that Maggie Smith is in it, and at her gloriously condescending, sharp-witted best. The costumes, score, and scenery are nothing to scoff at either, and the supporting cast populated with faces you’ll recognize if you’re a fan of Brit flicks of almost any kind. Highly, highly recommended.


One thought on “Lent, Day 18: Downton Abbey!

  1. I first came to know of J.F when he acted in the British comedy drama series 'Monarch of the Glen' (BBC or ITV or somesuch). He played a Scottish Lard, Kilwilly.

    What are your thoughts on 'Gosford Park'?

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