(At this point, you’re probably saying to yourself, “Now she’s just posting so she can say she’s posted something.” And you’d be right.)

So also yesterday, in addition to the SNOW WHAT NO WAY THAT WAS STUPID, I came across the funniest re-telling of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight EVER (seriously, I was wiping tears and doing that thing where you go back and read bits of it aloud… to yourself… alone… in your living roo– wait, that’s just me, then?), and briefly considered linking to it but it was so crammed with bad language (the whole site was, too; this wasn’t just a one-off and although I have a relatively high tolerance for language in humorous settings it was about 1000% too much) that I decided against it. But if you’re ever in the mood for a Google adventure, you will know it by its trail of F-bombs and its ABSOLUTELY DEAD-ON assessment of Sir Gawain and basically the entire King Arthur mythos. It’s like Kanye and Mitch Hedberg chillin’ in their dorm room, getting blazed and ranting about their Brit Lit syllabus.

Yeah, that’s about enough.


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