Read Harry Potter, Part One (Subtitle: Blatant pageview-grubbing)

We’re long past the height of Harry Potter Mania, but that said, I think there is still a segment of American Christianity that legitimately thinks Harry Potter is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, teaching young people to love something that they ought to hate. Some of that segment are the same angry, intractable fundamentalists of the type that trawl mommy blogs for Bible quotes in translations other than the KJV, references to women wearing pants, and genuine questions about teetotalism or Reformed theology that they can crap on. This post isn’t for them. It’s for people who worry that HP might be prohibited by Scripture, for people whose consciences are weak when it comes to the books (remembering that the weak conscience is to be strengthened with truth, not babied or protected from maturity).

I’m here to convince you that you’re missing out on something — not just something fun or innocent, but something healthful and encouraging for you and your children.


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