Frumpy is not the same as modest.

If the purpose of modesty is to make women responsible to protect men from their own unchecked lust, then we end up with the hijab and the burqa. Obviously most of us would reject this.

But even if the purpose of modesty is primarily to help our brothers keep their thoughts pure, which is, I think, where most women start in this discussion, then we end up with dumpy sack-dresses and people arguing that anything that reveals that a woman is a woman must be immodest.


5 thoughts on “Frumpy is not the same as modest.

  1. Is modesty primarily about helping men keep their thoughts pure (even the hijab and the burqa cannot totally guarantee that), or is it about the way a woman interacts with the men and women around her? (1 Timothy 2:9)

    Nancy Wilson, if I recall correctly, makes a big thing of the fact that Ps 144:12 (“our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace”) implies modesty and style, but not frumpiness.

  2. A round of applause to you! As a guy, I watch from afar the internal discussion on women’s blogs and what I hear in church regarding the modesty issue. Honestly, I feel sorry for both sides. For women, it seem like seems like haphazard no-win advice along the lines of, “Sure, be attractive, but not, uh, you know, too attractive.” If more female authors consulted men before writing this stuff, and if men were more honest about our side of things (too often we’re not), the tone and tenor of those article and advice would change for the positive.

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