Earlier this week, I sent out an email to a few friends asking them to pray for me as we enter the winter months and as I approach the big 3-0. I’ve mentioned here before that I struggle with seasonal depression (side note: it wasn’t until I lived in Louisville that I found out Seasonal Affective Disorder was even a thing, and, prominent naysayers notwithstanding, just knowing it exists made me feel so much less crazy), and I wrote a bit of a whine to them, honestly. I felt really low, really sad about life and being single and childless and weeks away from my expiration date thirtieth birthday waaaah waaah waaah, and I was griping at the Lord a little bit.

But he didn’t smite me. Nope. Instead, within 24 hours of sending the email, not only did I get two incredibly supportive replies from two of my dearest friends, these items popped up in my blog reader:

This article by Paul Tripp, on 5 Reasons Why God Calls Us To Wait.

This sermon transcript on feeling like death, and this post on resentment, both by Kevin DeYoung.

This Boundless article on not wasting your disappointment in bitterness or frustration with God.

This profile of one of my favorite poets, William Cowper, who battled depression and schizophrenia but who also co-wrote an amazing collection of hymns for the church.

OK! Geez! I get it!


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