Guidelines for the Guidlines (Part 1)

1. Modesty is not primarily about women helping their brothers in their fight against lust.

Lust is a problem. It is. And Christian women ought to be concerned for the purity of their brothers. But the claim that modesty is about keeping men from sinning? That’s shallow at best, and misleading at worst. After all, one of the most oft-cited passages about modesty (1 Tim. 2:9-10) has nothing to do with provocative clothes, but rather with gaudy, showy clothes.

2. Modesty is primarily about all believers desiring to point away from self and toward Christ, killing their desire for recognition, and removing stumbling blocks from the communication of the Gospel.

Godly, Christ-centered humility, service, and selflessness are the heart of modesty.

3. Modesty includes speech, attitude, and comportment first, and dress only secondarily or by extension.

Remember, the Gospel is communicated with words, so speech matters, and words are always accompanied by nonverbal communication, so attitude and comportment matter. Modest dress is an extension of a humble, servant-hearted, selfless desire to point to Christ with our words and actions.


2 thoughts on “Guidelines for the Guidlines (Part 1)

  1. Some good points there.

    The thing about “gaudy, showy” clothes, of course, is that they are more about competing with other women than they are about attracting men. And if one has a competitive mindset, that whole competition game can be played just as easily with “modest” clothing: “look, my skirts are much longer than hers!”

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