Read Harry Potter, Part Three (Bildungsroman Edition!)

So. Last time I argued that you should read Harry Potter because it’s a story that fits into and reflects the Grand Story that God is writing.

That doesn’t mean it’s Rated G for General Audiences. Quite the contrary. But neither is the actual tale of Robin Hood (as opposed to the Disney version), or The Faerie Queene, or the Arthur legends, or Shakespeare (certainly not!) — except in their edited-for-“families,” lifeless Bowdlerized versions, perhaps. But just because something isn’t appropriate for all ages doesn’t make it unhealthy. I mean, I probably wouldn’t let my (hypothetical) eight-year-old read the book of Judges unsupervised or come across these, ahem, ladies without some delicate parental “I’ll tell you when you’re older”-ing.

But half the point of books is the journey you go on as you read them. And these seven books are a journey — from youth and innocence, through much pain, struggle, and violence, to maturity and triumph. Again, does that sound familiar?


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