What I’m Reading Wednesday

Sojourners Aaron and Nichole Marshall’s beautiful blog update about their sweet little boy. Ugh, my heart! So wonderful!

How great is Leo DiCaprio looking as Gatsby? Can’t WAIT to see this.

Huh, interesting stuff about how to write faster.

This makes me reeeeeeeeeeeeally glad this is my last year of my Master’s (and, uh, glad that I took Ethics with ANYONE BUT DR. MOORE [which I mean with total love and support because he’s great {but really, whew, dodged a bullet there}]) because oh my gosh this question is so intense. His finals for Systematic were tough enough.

Super smart article explaining what the deal is with all the evangelical pearl-clutching over Rob Bell when we are SUCH fans of C.S. Lewis.

On a completely, 100% different note, this CRACKED ME UP because I couldn’t possibly agree more. Gosling Forever!


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