God is not a grump.

He’s not withholding things “to teach you a lesson” like some passive-aggressive 60’s-era TV housewife by which I obviously mean Betty Draper (side note: why can’t I think of her as Betty Francis since that’s her name now?). Anyway, serious stuff:

Sometimes he answers our cries with “not now” or silence, and that’s hard, but it’s meant to help us to trust him and to cause us to run to him. Will you respond in faith, clinging to Christ, or will you respond in doubt and fear, trying to save yourself? Remember that God is immeasurably generous to us, his people. He loves us more than we can even bear, with an eternity our hearts are too small and finite to encompass. His gifts to us are good and many. If God’s word says that the things you desire are good and honorable, ask him to purify them as you wait, and fulfill them in his time. Godliness is rarely incompatible with the Christian’s desires.


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