I just do not have a clever title for this.

Dear Single Men,

Look around you. Please. You work with, or are in a small group with, or go to class with, or sit in the same pew at church with, or run in the same circles with a fantastic single woman (or, if you go to Sojourn, TWO HUNDRED FANTASTIC SINGLE WOMEN). Stop fixating on the girl all your roommates are obsessed with and just look around. It is ok that she doesn’t look like Megan Fox. It’s ok that she has a kid, or a past; it’s also ok that she’s never dated anyone, that she turned down the last guy who asked her out, that you’re younger or older than she is, that she has a good job or a bad one, that she’s more or less educated than you are. It’s ok that she’s in school for missions or international business or is planning on going back to her hometown after she graduates. It’s ok that she talks more than you do or that she’s really quiet. It’s ok that you’ve already been friends with her for a year or that you just met her two weeks ago.

Look at her. See her. Do you find her interesting? Then ask her out. She’s right there. Go out with her twice, or three times. See what happens.

Laura (on behalf of all the single women you know)


Dear Single Women,

Say yes.



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