What I’m Reading Wednesday

Challies has some interesting thoughts about the whole “alcohol” thing among Christians, specifically the attitudes of those who do choose to imbibe in moderation toward those who choose to abstain, and vice versa. There’s quite a lively conversation in the comments section as well.

Related: this excellent, excellent article which I highly recommend.

This great blog post on BoundlessLine which illustrates my whole problem with the so-called “abstinence movement.”

Wow. IVF is no joke. Shawnee Barton and her husband were told they could probably never have kids. Now they have a totally adorable baby girl (and hope to have other children by implanting the other embryos). I love babies. And yet… Something — I can’t quite put my finger on what — makes me feel uncomfortable about the whole scenario of IVF. Maybe it’s the slightly chilling Brave New World-esque language?

There’s a bit of this in some hipster/contrarian/anti-tech subcultures — that desire to have everything you own be the best, the most beautiful, the most perfectly crafted whatever money can buy. This particular nuance is a little different and I have to say I found the paragraph about Bernie Madoff’s wife as the “un-Linda Richman” hilarious.

Some of the ladies from the Christian College of Columbia graduating class of 1925 look pretty sassy and fabulous. Those stupid couplets under every portrait, though? Nauseating.


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