Driving Lessons

So, as a shameless (but recently-converted) lover of all things Harry Potter, I’ve naturally tried to watch as many movies as possible featuring the three main actors. Though I don’t think I’m going to make it to this absolutely petrifying-looking new project of Daniel Radcliffe’s.

Anyway, I’ve come across a couple of gems starring everybody’s favorite ginger, the adorable Rupert Grint — one this past weekend called Driving Lessons, a 2006 movie co-starring another HP alum, Julie Walters. I wondered how that would work, putting Ron and Molly Weasley in the same film, but Walters has the kind of chops that allow her to disappear into a role; I never once thought of the Weasleys (dear though they are to me).

It’s a sweet, funny, perfectly British little comedy-drama with a predictable form (repressed lad meets irrepressible dame, hilarity and coming-of-age ensue). That’s not a criticism. There are no new stories, only good or bad ones, and this is a good one.


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