Read Harry Potter, Part Five (Links roundup!)

The first place you need to go for a Christian perspective on this controversy is The Rabbit Room, the online home of a group of Christian writers, artists, and musicians who believe that Christian art is best nourished in community. Several of the authors have written winsomely and eloquently about Harry, and their thoughts are all worth pondering.

Travis Prinzl, an author and enthusiastic Potter apologist, writes a two part series (Part 1, Part 2) on what he’s learned from Harry over the years (hint: not witchcraft).

Author and songwriter Andrew Peterson muses on “Harry Potter, Jesus, and Me,” and composes an imaginary letter to the series’ author. Avoid the comments section on this one unless you enjoy high blood pressure.

Singer-songwriter Jason Gray defends The Boy Who Lived. The comments section on this one is fantastic — definitely take the extra couple of minutes to read it. And I think his enthusiasm for the series is particularly persuasive given his own experiences, briefly mentioned in the article, with a father who “dabbled in the occult.”

Elsewhere on The Internets, John Granger offers a defense of the books and their author, and a typically in-depth explanation of some of the more obscure symbolism in HP.


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