Possibly Quite Controversial

Brace yourself. Also, this is a bit scattered, mostly because it’s just musings and I decided to publish rather than edit and re-edit ad nauseam. Any feedback would be most appreciated!

Hormonal birth control separated sex from procreation for essentially the first time ever, in a way that older barrier methods didn’t, in the minds of an entire culture, and it changed the way that several successive generations viewed the human desire for intimacy. And when the (inevitable?) rise in (public/unhidden, at least) promiscuity began after the so-called sexual revolution, unfortunately, many churches and Christians, rather than simply saying what the Scriptures say, demonized sex outright, and failed to teach young people that the desire for intimacy is normal and good and right and purposeful, designed by God in part to to encourage marriage, the only safe haven for both sexual intimacy and children. (Of course, some churches and Christians and professing Christians had always demonized sex, ever since dear old Augustine forgot that denigrating the physical was Plato’s idea, not God’s.)

So now, post birth control, post sexual revolution, sex, marriage, and children are spoken of, even in the church, as three completely separate things with three completely separate sets of attendant sin issues, rather than as God made them — inextricably connected.

What’s the point for us? Well, in my experience, often unmarried Christians will see their desire for sexual intimacy as purely sinful, and unrelated to either marriage or child-bearing. So they’ll go along in their single years thinking they’re terrible people for having strong desires, and often, alas! in their despair over their own apparently incorrigible lust, toying with sinful outlets for those desires.

Instead, all unmarried people with a desire for intimacy should thank God for that good desire, praying toward and seeking the comfort of marriage and the blessing of children all the while.


2 thoughts on “Possibly Quite Controversial

  1. You are one of the most thoughtful and wise people I know. And I say that entirely without bias.

    You need to write some books.

    Okay, okay, you may wait until after your paper on Roman Catholic metaphysics is finished. 🙂

  2. I don’t think the “sexual revolution” was anything special except that it publicly removed the societal taboo of sex outside of marriage.

    I think there was just as much sex outside of marriage before the sexual revolution as there was afterwards. Watch “The Apartment”, a 1960 film starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine for example, or even US military personal health films teaching WW2 soldiers how not to catch sexual diseases.

    What the Pill brought about, though was less chance of an unwanted pregnancy. Birth rates since the Pill was introduced have dropped considerably. People are having just as much sex as they were before, but these days they’re not falling pregnant as much (except for the poorer sections of society who find the Pill harder to afford and who may not have decent sexual health knowledge).

    And DO watch “The Apartment”, it is a very good film and it will make you cry.

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