What I’m Reading Wednesday

I’ve told you before that you’re missing out if you’re not reading my friend Fiona’s blog. This week you need to read this reflection on friendships in the church, and this one on spiritual conversations, and… OK, look. Just do yourself a favor and go subscribe.

It’s a huge surprise that the son of the author of this crazy-awesome and nerdy book would have a smart, witty blog. It’s a new venture, so head over and comment, will ya?

Tons of people are doing year-end top ten book lists: Here’s one by Sam Storms that includes Gregg Allison’s book I linked to above, the NYT list, Kevin DeYoung’s, and Publishers Weekly’s. Compare with the NYT bestsellers list.

I love Femina, the blogging home of Nancy Wilson (et filles). Here’s yet another reason you should add them to your blogroll.

Dr. Moore delivered a couple of scorchers in the past week: this one, controversially titled “Women, Stop Submitting to Men” (brother has a way with titles) and this one, about worry, which kicked my tail.

If you’re into cooking, or if you’re nostalgic or just miss your grandparents, you need to read this charming article about recipe cards. They won’t die out if I have anything to do with it, though! Every time my friend M and I whip up some delicious concoction in her kitchen, I haul out her recipe box and write down what we’ve done on one of the pretty, leaf-patterned cards therein. We’ve already built up quite a collection.

Apropos of nothing, these fake song titles by Demi Lovato’s fake Heart/Bangles tribute band cracked me right up.

Also apropos of nothing:


2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Wednesday

  1. Oh gosh Laura, thanks for your gorgeously kind comments about my blog & writing. I’m totally chuffed, and I must get back into reading yours now that it looks like you’re back on (off?) the wagon. xFi

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