Best Spam Comment Ever?

Man, the spam-bots really outdid themselves this time. I think I could legitimately enter this in a smug university-level poetry contest and get some traction if I read it in a really serious voice with my brow furrowed. Line breaks are mine; content is the spam bot’s.

Respectable assemblage.
I discover something
statesman stimulating on crystalline blogs .
I leave e’er be to noesis
off their writers and practise
a something from their fund.
I’d select to use
with all the proportionality
in my infinitesimal weblog
whether you do not
cognition. Naturally
I’ll offer a contact on your own net weblog.
Umpteen thanks.

Noesis? Crystalline? Infinitesimal? Cognition? Who knew that spam-bots had so much in common with a thesaurus-abusing junior high English class?


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