What I’m Reading Wednesday

I love Stephen Tobolowsky. His PRX radio series is consistently hilarious and smart, he’s a great character actor, and he’s in one of my favorite movies (along with batty uncle Bill Murray and the luminous Andie MacDowell), Groundhog Day. “Phil? Phil Connors?” This article, on his rather strange relationship with Santa as a Jewish kid growing up in the fifties in Dallas, is definitely worth a read.

At the risk of setting gender equality back fifty years, I have to admit that, if I were an impressionable and starry-eyed freshman Representative, I would back just about anything Paul Ryan proposed in Congress, because he’s just so darn handsome (as long as his hair is short and his jaw scruffy — otherwise he gets into schmoopy Ross Geller circa 1994 territory). I actually do like some of his ideas, honest. This article talks about one of those ideas (and also contains a pretty good picture of him looking non-Rossish NOT THAT THAT MATTERS).

If you’re skeptical about all this “doctrine” and “theology” stuff that we Young, Restless, and Reformed types are into these days, read this article, a terrific (and brief) explanation of why theology matters. Oh, and if you haven’t read it, speaking of Young, Restless, and Reformed, you also need to look at this typically apt word from Douglas Wilson: “Old, Settled, and Reformed is Coming at You Like a Freight Train.”

I know at least one other person will find this article, detailing the wherefores behind the global fascination with and success of American hip-hop — and particularly Jay-Z, as interesting as I did.

This article, on the dangers of characterizing men as pigs and their sexuality as intrinsically dangerous, predatory, and at every moment on the verge of destroying lives, made me want to jump for joy. I’m so glad people are finally talking about this. Dudes, God didn’t make your deepest nature something to be repressed (or allowed to, you know, go feral), but something to be used rightly. Hallelujah, man.

On a far more serious note, as I mentioned on Saturday, Christopher Hitchens died Thursday of cancer. His death is a great loss to all of us who enjoyed his biting wit, even when his sights were trained on us. This moving obituary by Douglas Wilson (who I kinda love, in case you couldn’t tell by my linking him twice this week), Hitch’s opponent in a number of debates on the existence of God and the healthfulness of religion in the world, is well worth your time to read carefully.


One thought on “What I’m Reading Wednesday

  1. On the 2nd last point, I’m reminded of Lewis’ “That Hideous Strength”:

    “You are offended by the masculine itself: the loud, irruptive, possessive thing—the gold
    lion, the bearded bull—which breaks through hedges and scatters the little kingdom of your primness as the dwarfs scattered the carefully made bed. The male you could have escaped, for it exists only on the biological level. But the masculine none of us can escape.”

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