2011: The Blog In Review

I started blogging through Lent but didn’t finish (read the posts and see if you can discover why. Hint: this post will probably explain it best.)

I re (re-, re-) started my blogging life with this little musing on my perfectionist tendencies keeping me from hitting “publish” here (apparently that’s pretty well under control…).

I did a series on Pride and Prejudice and why I love it, its marriages and men, and why guys should read it, plus a series on modesty (Part One, Part Two, and Part Three) along with a couple thoughts about how to make guidelines for modesty. I also did a five-part series in defense of the delightful Harry Potter.

I’m continuing to profile a favorite or notable or interesting hymn every Sunday, and I’ve started doing a links roundup every Wednesday linking to stuff I’ve read during the week and think is worth a look.

But by far my busiest series has been the “Details” series, which has drawn, on a blog that usually gets 80-100 hits on a good day, literally hundreds and hundreds of views on each installment. Gee, I think I hit a nerve maybe. Part One and Part Three are for ladies, Parts Two and Four are aimed at the fellas, and Part Five, the troubleshooting post (which had the most hits), addresses some common problems and messups in this arena for both men and women. It was crazy to watch the stats explode on these, you guys, and I’m pretty pumped that they got some traction.


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