Less Than A Week!

Until season two of Downton Abbey!!

Some friends and I were speculating about the plot last night in our excitement — Will Edith ever find love? Is Political Activist Sybil going to hook up with the sexy-but-earnest chauffer? Or will she fall for a soldier she nurses valiantly back to health? Will Matthew and Mary EVER get their stuff together? Are the writers going to axe any of the major characters (sturm und drang here especially — Oh please God please not Matthew!)? Will Thomas have a change of heart or will he continue as the most malicious, two-faced, conniving little social climber ever to wear a head footman’s livery? Will the estate be saved?

If you’ve already seen it (British readers, ahem), I implore you: NO SPOILERS! Spoilers in the comments section may result in a permanent ban from this blog and I am not remotely kidding around.

Look for an ongoing series starting next Monday or Tuesday (depending on how the viewing schedule works out with my life). Hooray!


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