What I’m Reading Wednesday

THIS is a fantastic idea that I’d love to see catch on in other parts of the country: a grocery store that’s stocked by local farmers who receive 90% of the proceeds. Works just like a normal grocery store, except every last item on the shelves is local.

I loved this article about learning from oldsters first, not so much for its criticism of Driscoll (although, point well taken there), but because it’s a good reminder to me, too.

This touching reflection by a dude who found a balm for his heartbreak in the strong and striving and broken (fictional) men of generations past — starting with the first season of Downton Abbey — actually brought tears to my eyes. Good stuff.

I could have written this article; in fact, I kind of have. It’s incredibly heartening to me to know that thousands of young men will read it.

Ordinarily, I would roll my eyes at this kind of “Just IMAGINE the ALTERNATIVE!!” reasoning because it’s usually a red flag for a false dilemma (cf. the whole airport security discussion: suggest that naked-scanner security theater needs an overhaul and you’ll be nanoseconds away from someone shouting you down as pro-terrorism). But when you’re dealing with paparazzi, no overblown hypothetical is too overblown. So people who are giving Beyonce and Jay-Z flak for increased security at the hospital where B had her baby need to, as this article says, get a grip.

I would like to make this article into posters to put on the wall of every pastor in the country. Dr. Stetzer is a constant source of sane counsel and I seriously appreciate him.

If you’re a Downtonian, you need to follow Slate’s TV Club’s rehashing of each episode. Totally delightful.


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