What I’m Reading Wednesday

I’ve been casting about for a good way to express my admiration for everybody’s favorite most-derided Christian football player, Tim Tebow, while pointing out a few things I wish weren’t happening, but now I’m off the hook because this guy’s done a way better job than I could have.

Awards season is upon us, and this guy wants you to like the Golden Globes better than the Oscars.

This article, apologist James White’s response to Roger Olson’s unwillingness to worship the “God of Calvinism”, is a bit shocking. Pro tip: refusing to interact with the best of your opponent’s historical and contemporary scholarship doesn’t help your argument. FYI.

The questions at the beginning of this article — the winning question out of all the quirky “imponderables” Slate’s Explainer didn’t get to in 2011 — are worth the click through.

This is becoming a pattern: someone causes a stir, fifty or sixty bloggers line up and holler about it for a few days, and then Douglas Wilson comes in and manages to clarify the problem and offer godly solutions while avoiding all the logical fallacies that tend to plague these discussions. Well, he’s done it again. You’ve probably heard of Mark and Grace Driscoll’s controversial new book Real Marriage — and one apparently quite graphic chapter that’s causing all manner of furor. Rather than calling the Driscolls’ godliness into question, or denouncing their entire ministry as shameful and anti-gospel, as some have done, Pastor Wilson interacts with the content and the authors with grace, patience, care, and wit, as a family discussion rather than an ex cathedra pronunciation. Here’s part one, part two, part three, part four, and part five.

This footage of and narration about a group of 230 French women — Resistance fighters many of them housewives before the war — deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau, tells the story of their detention, their friendship, and the reunion of the survivors after the war had ended. Incredible.

Ahahahahahaha, the subtitle is hilarious.

Downtonians, here’s Slate’s TV Club chat for episode two! Check it out.


3 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Wednesday

  1. ‘Just so!’ cried the Red Queen. ‘Five times as warm, AND five times as cold—just as I’m five times as beautiful as you are, AND five times as clever!’

  2. I must say (and I’m sure it’s a great sin) that as I get older I find the combination of self-righteousness and bad reasoning increasingly hard to bear. Which is why it’s refreshing every time one meets someone who is charitable AND logically coherent.

    I see that my favourite fallacy (the argument ad baculum) is on your list.

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