What I’m Reading Wednesday

(Slim pickins this week on account of Man Cold. Sorry.)

This isn’t technically new since last week, but it’s new to me since then, so: the McKays (of The Art of Manliness) wrote a series of articles about willpower that’s fascinating and practical, and whether you agree or not, it’s an interesting perspective. Take a look: Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

This cracked me up: Dads Are the Original Hipsters. (Although it’s probably more like “Grandpas are the original hipsters.”)

Great shots of this winter’s incredible Aurora Borealis in Sweden.

Here’s this week’s Slate TV Club chat about Downton Abbey, and speaking of which, Dan Kois, one of the Clubbers, mentioned the fact that the Spanish Flu pandemic is hard upon the heels of our beloved DA which, as of episode three, is somewhere mid 1917 (the pandemic began in the summer of 1918). Yikes! Given the show’s tendency to include important historical events in its timeline, I can’t see how we’ll avoid it! Will the Dowager Countess escape its ravages given that she was alive during the last pandemic? Will the county be decimated by the disease that killed, according to some estimates, one out of every twenty-five humans alive at the time? Yikes!


One thought on “What I’m Reading Wednesday

  1. Sorry to hear the cold is hanging on, but I’m glad it gave you the opportunity to link teh man cold video. What a hoot! (“Rub his head and say ‘Poor little bunny'”.)

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