A Stolen But Super Cool Idea

So I swiped this idea from someone. I’ve been blogging for quite a while, and I thought it would be fun to take a peek back at what I’ve written over the years during this month. Some highlights.

February 2011: Yeah right! Blogging… was not happening this time last year. Thank you Jesus for getting me through that crazy mess.

In February 2010, I wrote this in a moment of rejoicing in an otherwise pretty dismal winter. A quote: “Pain?  It’s not an illusion.  Frustration?  Disappointment?  Not always idols, like some well-meaning Christians like to insist.  But man, I keep thinking about the lyrics to that song — ‘the things of Earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.'” Wow, I guess I do have more moments of clarity during February than I thought. This one’s a bit of rumination on what my life doesn’t look like, and this one’s a reflection on legalism and why it sucks. And HA! I had forgotten about my stick-figure theology posts!

February 2009 only had a few posts: one about how I hate the word “abstinence” and wish we’d use other terminology to talk about chastity, and a couple more, including some thoughts on the wonderful song There is a Fountain.

In February 2008 I wrote a lot of stuff about other people: this post summarizing an interview about justification, this one with an absolutely outstanding quote about the Lord’s Supper (and more broadly about Roman Catholicism), this one linking to Timmy Brister’s Blue Collar Theology series, this one about Abraham Lincoln, and this one with good news (my brother and sister-in-law finding out the sex of their baby — later to be called my little Katie Cakes) and bad news (the too-early death of my sixth grade English teacher the quirky and inspiring Trudy Dowlin).

Only two posts in February 2007 (it’s a tough month for me, historically): an update on some of the craziness in the global Anglican community, and this ridiculous lightning-rod post which got ALMOST FIFTY COMMENTS. Madness.

And now, to the Wayback Machine, to February 2006! I wrote this about unplugging and disconnecting from media as a way to reconnect with God, and a couple things about persecution, and posted one of my favorite poems by one of my favorite poets.


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