How To Be Awesome

OK, people, I am super excited about this. In the last few weeks I’ve talked with a couple of my guy friends — the ones who’ve rocked it out in the dating arena — about doing a series of interviews with me about their successes and… um… not-so-successes, what worked and what didn’t, how they managed disappointments, etc. and they agreed to do it! Man oh man. They’ll be anonymous, although those of you who know them well may recognize some of the details of a few of the stories.

I’m hoping that these will be useful to both men and women, because they’re going to be super-practical and wonky and nuts-and-boltsy. Guys, be on the lookout for advice, because there will be plenty, and ladies, let this be an encouragement to you too! These fellas have lots of experience with sisters who’ve responded well and not-so-well to them, so keep your eyes peeled for advice in your direction too.

Tune in Monday for the first installment. Pumped!


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