What I’m Reading Wednesday

Not a lot jumped out and grabbed me this week, to be honest, friends! BUT, very exciting news. TWO of my pastors started blogs this past week and have already posted heaps of useful stuff. Both blogs are just like their authors and you’ll definitely want to add them both to your readers. Check out Daniel’s here and Mike’s here.

Dr. Moore knocked a few out of the park this past week too. Read this one, an update of a previously-published article on repentance, Lent, and the “exciting testimony;” this one about gambling; and this one about stylistic preferences in church. Good stuff.

A few good ones on the Gospel Coalition Blog as well: ditching gimmicky youth ministry, the faith of Washington and Lincoln, and some of Luther’s less-recognized influence.

And of course, here’s this week’s TV Club recap of Downton Abbey!


One thought on “What I’m Reading Wednesday

  1. I saw Dr. Moore’s articles on gambling and church style preferences last week and loved them both. When he wrote that “gambling is an issue of economic justice” I wanted to shout out in agreement. There are a ton of cases here in my courthouse that arise from the local casino, mostly theft or drugs. So many of the people who go there are desperate enough, and adding to this desperation by allowing the casino to legally “use acquisitiveness and covetousness to separate people from their means of living” is not just unfortunate; it’s diabolical in the most basic sense of the word. Dr. Moore’s right that the way to combat this, as in all spiritual battles, is by the power of the gospel: “the awe-filled wonder in the face of the really good news that Jesus is crucified and resurrected, the old dragon is overthrown.”

    Thanks for pointing me to some other good reads this week too, Laura.


    P.S. Kim at Kingdom Civics just put up a guest piece I did for her on retail marketing, data mining, and being stalked by Satan: http://kingdomcivics.com/2012/02/20/guest-post-being-targeted/. She’s got a great site and I know she’d be encouraged by a visit to check it out.

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