Downton Abbey: Season Three Predictions, Wild Dreams, and Sundry Other Prognostications

Well, folks, what do we think about next season? I thought it would be fun to do a few polls, so please share this around on your favorite social media things (if you haven’t given it up for Lent!), so we can have plenty of opinions! 🙂

Let’s start at the beginning:

What about the general contents of the season?

What else? Other predictions in the comments, please!


4 thoughts on “Downton Abbey: Season Three Predictions, Wild Dreams, and Sundry Other Prognostications

  1. Whether it’s at the start of the season or the end, I think Matthew and Mary should be married, have two kids and live on a ranch in Oklahoma so Lord G’s cowboy prophecy comes true. Then they’ll strike oil and become wealthy beyond all measure and the Downton estate will never be in want again. Oops, maybe that should hold off until season 4 or 5.

  2. I most definitely want to witness Mary and Matthew’s wedding (maybe the reason for Lady Cora’s mother to cross the pond?). I’m sure there will be plenty of trouble in Ireland, although I’m voting most decidedly against Branson dying. Although Sybil fleeing Ireland with the baby might be worth seeing. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Peter Gordon/Patrick Crawley (although I’m still convinced he is Peter and not Patrick). Edith must find someone to marry and I don’t care if it’s Sir Antony… unless of course it’s Ryan Gosling (please, PLEASE, I’m begging you… Ryan would make the perfect distant American relation come to marry Edith). Finally, my last request to Julian Fellowes — if we are to see fighting in Ireland, it is required that Matthew McNulty be given a sizeable role.

    • I’m so glad we are of the same mind about Ryan Gosling.

      You know who I’d like to see make an appearance is Eddie Redmayne, who is the Exception To My Ginger Rule (ginger rule being I don’t think gingers are hot, as a rule). I love him. I know Shirley Maclaine is going to play Cora’s mother but I wonder who else they’ll cook up!

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