What I’m Reading Wednesday

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes to this brief article by Douglas Wilson on the exceedingly-rare gift of celibacy (not the mythical “gift of singleness”). Best line: “If it needs to be supported by porn, it isn’t the gift of celibacy.” HA! In all seriousness, though, I do wish people would get that the gift of celibacy is rare, usually permanent, and always connected to a specific mission (i.e., you probably don’t have it).

This isn’t exactly something I’ve read this week, but… I guess a new pet peeve as of this week: the tendency, particularly among Christians (even really smart ones), to use the word “ruthless” when we mean “relentless” or “unwavering” or “steadfast” — as in God’s ruthless grace or So-and-so’s ruthless trust in God. Pro tip: “ruthless” means “without pity or compassion, merciless, cruel.”

I LOVED this article from Kevin DeYoung on the grace of assuming the best about people. If you don’t read ANY of the other articles in this week’s roundup, read this one.

A couple more good ones from my pastors. The Midtown campus of Sojourn, my dear church, has an art gallery, and here Daniel explains why (and why not), and here recaps our most recent medical clinic. And on his blog, Mike eloquently addresses the criticism of the practice of Ash Wednesday.

My kiddos have been reading some classic short stories as they write their own narratives in Composition (my one complaint about their Humanities curriculum is that it just doesn’t include enough poetry or short stories). A few must-reads: “The Yellow Wallpaper,” “The Lottery,” “The Cask of Amontillado,” and “To Build A Fire.”

I swiped this from my buddy B-Lilz: Bearded Gospel Men. Cracked me up. That Clement of Alexandria was adamant about beards, man, like whoa. (For the record: I am strongly in favor of the resurgence of full-beardedness — so freakin’ masculine! — but bros, if you can’t keep it neat, or if it’s patchy or otherwise skeevy, shave it off. Love ya.)

This article by Dr. Moore, on the true future hope of the Christian, is AMAZING and you should not only read it but pass it along to everyone you know.

On a less-serious note, this weekend was the Oscars, of course, and so there’s fashion stuff galore to wade through. For the first time, I found myself disagreeing with probably more than half of Heather and Jessica’s assessments on Oscar gowns! But this Slate slide show was pretty accurate, IMO. Oof, Glenn Close and Ellie Kemper. Amazing. In fact, i super-wish there’d been a photo of them together! (Although Gwyneth’s Norma-Desmond-esque caped getup is growing on me the more times I see photos of it — maybe it’s into “awesomely overdramatic” territory rather than “eye-rollingly overdramatic”?)

Back to serious: I came across this video again and thought it was worth posting here. It’s so good and deserves watching and rewatching. What if the Bible is basically about Jesus instead of us?


5 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Wednesday

  1. I love Gwyneth’s cape and gown ensemble! I think it’s the most gorgeous outfit I’ve seen from this year’s Oscars. Ruby-eyed Okapi just did a short listing of Oscar and Grammy outfits, noting the most modest dresses – http://rubyeyedokapi.com/2012/02/29/award-show-modesty/.

    I love the word “ruth” (pity – compassion – mercy – sympathy – remorse). It doesn’t get used enough in conversation:
    “What do you think of the new boss?”
    “She’s seems so ruthful.”

    Works for me.


  2. Laura, several years ago (and you were still attending FBC *before* you moved to SFU), I preached a series of messages from 1 Corinthians 13 about “What Love Does,” that included one that said this: “If you’re truly operating in love, you ALWAYS interpret others’ speech and behavior in the BEST possible light.” It included the notion (from C. S. Lewis, I recall) that since all communication is somewhat inevitably ineffable, it is requisite for the regenerate, whose eternal as well as present existence is dominated by grace (or supposed to be), to intentionally view everything others do and say under that same grace. I think I want to dig out that message in anticipation of the occasion when the lectionary will bring us to 1 Corinthians 13 again.

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