What I’m Reading Wednesday

Well, folks, I cleaned out my blog reader this week. I took out probably a dozen things — some defunct, others no longer interesting — and added only two! Ah, progress. Although, shoot, that reminds me of another one I need to add.

Fiona is in Chile! At last! And IT IS FULL-ON, YOU GUYS.

Bryan Lilly is a hoot, and also wicked smaht and you need to read his blog (also his wife is so cute I kinda can’t take it — ❤ u Sam!). His series on simplicity is fantastic.

Dudes, if you’re STILL not reading The Art of Manliness, what are you waiting for? Get over there and read!

Mike Cosper has a new post up about the tone of political discourse, using the recent Rush Limbaugh “slut” debacle as a jumping-off point. And speaking of that, you also need to read Doug Wilson’s take (although I disagree with him on the helpfulness of certain, ahem, terminology). Karen Tumulty and Kirsten Powers, though rightly condemning Limbaugh’s behavior (as well as his completely unapologetic apology), shine a light on the hypocrisy of screeching about woman-bashing when it comes from the right, while chuckling indulgently at Bill Maher’s sexist diatribes. Those last two have some salty language (mostly quotes) and a few asterisked-out vulgarities.

I really, really wish Doug Wilson would use a different tag/label system on his blog, because he’s been doing a series on 1 Corinthians for awhile, just commenting through verse by verse, and it’s extremely helpful, but there’s no way to get them all together. Of course you can do a search for “The Basket Case Chronicles” but that’s not very efficient. Argh. Anyway, here’s the most recent installment. Really good, sensible, helpful stuff.


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