This is what you get for subscribing to the blog of a person with seasonal depression: long periods of boring silence! Hooray! I am working on the feminism series, cross my heart, it’s just been a tired, achy, low, scatter-brained week and I haven’t had much motivation to do anything beyond sitting on my couch and watching all of Netflix. So.

The first actual installment of Big Scary Feminism is about objectification and shame, and it’s slowly taking shape — hoping to get it posted over the weekend sometime.

Pray for me if you think about it/are a pray-ey sort of person. Not long now until the time change, which usually rights my mood pretty quickly!


One thought on “Sorry!

  1. Just wanted to say hey. And I miss you from Facebook land. And I’ll pray for you. And I wish you could enjoy our golden early autumn days with us. And The sun IS coming your way, day by day. That’s why I can be a tiny bit happy that it’s leaving us. I know it’s going to a good home. xxx

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